Talon Award

2021 Winner: Fifth Ward church of Christ – Houston, Texas

12 Brothers

The highly sought after Talon award is given to the congregation that brings the most brothers to the conference. We appreciate every person that supports the conference, but we want to highlight the congregation that makes an extra effort to bring a large number of brothers to attend. This is a fun, competitive addition to the conference that the brothers have really enjoyed over the years. Congratulations to all and past congregations that have won the Talon award. We look forward to seeing more congregations receive the award in the future.

⚫️ 2019 – HOPE COC, HOLLYWOOD, FL: 23 Brothers

⚫️ 2018 – 5TH WARD COC, HOUSTON, TX: 46 Brothers

⚫️ 2017 – NORTHEAST COC, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK: 17 Brothers

⚫️ 2016 – BRIGHTEN HILL COC, BERMUDA: 12 Brothers